Assorted Projects

Over the years, some projects turned out to be sustainable. Have a look on the assorted projects page to learn more about out activities.


By Martin Herfurt on April 14, 2020

IT-Wachdienst Under this name, toothR is providing IT Security services to companies in Salzburg. Many small to medium companies are under attack. Especially companies that run Internet-facing IT infrastructure are bearing a high risk of getting compromised. This effort is intended to make sure, that these companies are getting sensitized for risks related to IT infrastructure and are empowered to reduce their threat exposure. The offered services include: Vulnerability Scanning Application Audititing General Security Consulting Project Status: Ongoing Please find more information about this project on the official project page (in German) www.

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Tesla Radar

By Martin Herfurt on August 20, 2019

Tesla Radar Tesla cars with enabled ‘Phone Key’ feature can be detected using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. By installing this app you contribute to generating a global crowd-sourced heatmap of detectable Tesla cars. Android App One part of the overall project is an Android app that spots detectable Tesla vehiles and reports details about the vehicles to a central geo database. Data Backend The acquired data will be collected and gets consolidated into a heatmap layer that can be displayed in the Android app.

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By Martin Herfurt on September 13, 2017

About OneWheelWear The OneWheelWear app is a Wear OS stand-alone app for connecting to OneWheel boards manufactured by FutureMotion Inc.. Unlike the official app and the newer wear companion app, this app directly connects to the board and displays important information (battery percentage, speed) to the rider. Many riders appreciate the fact that they do not have to put their phone at risk, when using it during their rides.

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By Martin Herfurt on April 4, 2011

#SalzburgSurft - the WiFi Network Since spring 2011 ist is possible to browse the world-wide web in Salzburg for free! At selected locations The city of Salzburg together with Tourismus Salzburg GmbH and Altstadt Marketing GmbH Salzburg is offering a free WiFi network in co-operation with various partners. The free WiFi initiative #SalzburgSurft is constantly being extended. Salzburg’s free hotspots are heavily used by locals as well as by tourists. No matter if you use a computer, a tablet or a smart phone – a few clicks are enough to get online.

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